These Amazing Painting and Decorating Tips Work Like Crazy

It doesn’t necessarily mean that for changing the look of your home you need to break the bank. If it’s well planned, the same can be done in a convenient manner without much of a strain to your pockets. Professional painters and decorators know the art to use the strengths of the property and use it to their advantage. Here are some of the painting and decorating tips that you can use effectively-

Set the tone right at the front

If you truly want to make your home appealing at the first impression, paint your front door with an eye-catchy colour. Be it orange or yellow, both these colours reflect joy and warmth. It further symbolises that people are welcome to the home for a visit. What you need to ensure though, is the colour should not be so jarring to the eyes that it completely defies the aesthetics of the other parts of your property.

Let the walls be neutral

On the ground floor, use shades of beige or gray because the flow is important. The idea is to minimise overly conspicuous transitions and use the accessories smartly. If you have two doors for two separate rooms back to back, painting them with the same neutral colour will surely give the space a much wider look and offer a perfect visual illusion of being more spacious.

Let your sofas talk with the chairs

Think of any hotel lobby that you have recently visited. The furniture is set in such a way that it invites a conversation amongst people who are seated. Avoid making the common mistake of pushing your sofas and chairs to the walls as it hinders the flow of conversation.

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