4 Painting and Decorating Ideas To Have An Attractive Wall

Having the perfect interior decor is much more than just painting and decorating or adding wallpapers. It should be good enough to draw attention from every visitor you have in your house. This calls for a more careful consideration of how you would inject eye-catchiness in your décor.

Though looks are subjective, there are some painting and decorating ideas that could excite more number of people than otherwise. Here are some inspirational ideas that you could adopt for your home.

Take care of the colour

Colour is a pivotal part of any home. They have the capability to make or break the beauty of any home. Keep the colours neutral based on your occupancy of room. One small example for bedroom is the colour blue. It often greets dwellers with relaxation and promotes healthy sleep.

The pattern matters too

It is not only the colour that matters; the patterns, in which you use it, make a lot of difference too. The most commonly used pattern is having three walls painted with plain colours, while the fourth one can have amazing prints and shades.

Photo gallery

Believe it or not, having a portrait gallery on the wall looks amazing. However, you need to keep in mind that the photo frames should not be very big. So, it is time for you to bring out the most memorable photographs and get them on the wall.

Favourite spot

Having a favourite spot on the wall has become widely acceptable. This is very common among teenagers as they tend to add attractive artwork on boards. Even professionals add notes, reminders and inspirational quotes on the walls to keep them motivated.

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