painters-decorators-oxfordshire September 12, 2019

4 Painting and Decorating Ideas To Have An Attractive Wall

Having the perfect interior décor is much more than just painting and decorating or adding wallpapers. It should be good enough to draw attention from every visitor you have in your house. This calls for a more careful consideration of how you would inject eye-catchiness in your décor.

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interior-design-berkshire August 16, 2019

3 Interior Design Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Amidst all the experimentation with various paint swatches, choosing furniture, and positioning artwork, there are numerous small decisions which call for  your attention when designing the perfect space. The slightest misjudgement such as hanging a piece of art too high or choosing glossy colours over a matte finish will have surprising effects on your room. … Continue reading “3 Interior Design Mistakes You Need To Avoid”

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painting-decorating-tips July 10, 2019

These Amazing Painting and Decorating Tips Work Like Crazy

It doesn’t necessarily mean that for changing the look of your home you need to break the bank. If it’s well planned, the same can be done in a convenient manner without much of a strain to your pockets.

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wallpapering-oxfordshire May 30, 2019

3 Top Benefits Of Wall Papering You Need To Know

The walls of your home can change and transform your living space with the help of the right wallpaper or paint. There is an instant element of drama added through the play of colours and motifs to give your walls the effect befitting your choice.

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