Pick Your Choice- The Biggest Interior Design Trends in 2019!

2019 has been a remarkable year so far in when it comes to interior designing. A lot of trends faded away, thereby making space for newer ones. Hence, if you fancy the subject, this is the right time for you to get updated. Nearly every trend of the year has been revealed by now and the best part is that there’s something for everyone. No matter what you are into – colour explosion or sleek and modern designs, these interior design trends will give your social media dashboard a 2019 refresh.


Bookcases full of hardbacks and candles everywhere was the vibe of the year 2019. For those who believe in “the more the better”, the use of vibrant colours and white geometric spaces is the best way to create a maximalist effect in the home. It is rightfully the revival of the 70s’ decor where colourful sofas, bold rugs and house plants make the interiors quite exciting.


Good news plant mums! The interior design trend that has been ruling your hearts for long isn’t going anywhere. Even if you fail to keep a plant alive (guilty as charged), you can opt for themed products such as cushion, jewellery dishes and bedding to decorate your space.

The fifth wall

“Look up” definitely needs to be your new motto. One of the most significant interior designing trends of 2019 is the decoration of the ceiling. Never think that the room has only four walls to be decorated, the fifth one is always up there and it’s time you make it interesting enough rather having the same old boring white.

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