3 Top Benefits Of Wall Papering You Need To Know

The walls of your home can change and transform your living space with the help of the right wallpaper or paint. There is an instant element of drama added through the play of colours and motifs to give your walls the effect befitting your choice. While the room can look airy and soft with the use of light pale coloured wallpapers,it can be converted into a cosy one with wallpapers of dark and striking patterns. Although the choice between paint and wallpapering is at the owner’s preference, we list down 3 great benefits of wallpapering that shall help you to decide better-


Wallpaper is truly unique and special. With interior designing thriving as an industry and more creative designers on board, home makeovers have just become a lot more exciting. Wall painting is now giving way to wall papers and you will be amazed to find how varied the colours and patterns are.

Budget friendly

There are various price ranges for the wallpaper you choose. With growing demand, more brands of wallpaper are coming to the market and the price variation is increasing. It is seen that the cost of installation of wallpapers is high but it stays longer than paints which makes it pocket friendly.


Wallpapers can last up to 15 years while it is recommended to repaint your walls every 3 years to avoid patches and maintain consistency of the look of your property. Wallpapers are tough and therefore easy to clean. For assured longevity of your wall papers, paste them on surfaces with minimal or no exposure to moisture or tar.

TIP- Wallpapers last long and when it starts to peel off, you may not get the exact wallpaper in the stores. It is thus recommended that you get a roll or two extra at the time of installation in order to fix the peel offs.

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